Sketching with the Jack DeJohnette Trio

One of the central conflicts of jazz is the continual push and pull between the collective and the individual. Whether it is the dichotomy of the improviser and the group or the arranging and stylistic choices that emphasis melodic drive versus harmonic expansion, jazz has always had a bit of an identity challenge. That challenge was brought forcefully and artfully to the stage of the Hamilton Live on Saturday, June 13th, by the Jack DeJohnette Trio. Led by veteran fusion player and legendary jazz man Jack DeJohnette, the trio is something of an exceptional super group in jazz; while many of jazz’s legends have often played with each other, there is rarely such immense talent, purely gathered, in one place. Joining Mr. DeJohnette on electric bass was Matthew Garrison, son of Coltrane quartet bassist Jimmy, and Ravi, son of John, Coltrane providing the woodwinds. This is a dream team of modern jazz if there ever is one. Continue readin on